Andalusia Land of Cinema – Andalusia Film Commission

Here a video called “Andalucia Tierra de Cine” (Andalusia Land of Cinema) produced by the Andalusia Film Commission, it shows a collection of the well known and predominantly used film locations, while pointing out nicely the extreme contrasts to be found within Andalusia.

From snowy mountain ranges to rolling green hills, arid deserts to blooming sunflower fields, white sand to rocky cliff beaches, ancient moorish and medieval castles and villages to modern architecture in cities and villas, an unbeatable range of road locations from endless straights to hairpin serpentines. The video also features some fantastic aerial photography showing some of the film and photo production hotspots from above.

Interesting is a small summary of bigger cine productions that were shot here over the last 60 years. The south of Spain has been a cine hotspot since the early 60s, what is missing and in my opinion, doesn’t find tribute in this video are the sheer countless smaller productions ranging from TV to commercials to corporate video to documentaries to photo productions that all came here to shoot for the same reasons; the great versatile locations, the unbeatable brilliant sunny weather, the great network of English speaking professionals and available professional equipment, the ease of shooting supported by the local administrations and best of all, all within Europe only 2-3 hours flight time from most major European cities.