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Film & Photo Locations in Andalusia and all of Spain
ShootOutside scouts and manages locations for filming and photography in all of Spain, specialized in Andalusia our base. We help you find the right location for your production and can provide all production or fixer services required for your upcoming project.

Andalusia offers an abundance of film and photo locations from arid desert landscapes, snowy mountains, fantastic winding roads to stunning blooming sunflower fields in early summer.

Man made:
Arabic influenced locations, modern villas, Technology Parks or some of Europe’s most contemporary architecture like the Hemisphere in Valencia by architect Calatrava.

In the last 10 years we have become specialized in all kind of car shoots. A great selection of accessible not too busy roads featuring long straights to serpentines make the provinces of Cadiz and Almeria a favourite destinations for car makers such as Audi, Austin Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, VW to name a few. We know these roads well, know how to permit and arrange save road blocking, know what you need to have a save and successful production within your budget restrictions.

Local Heroes:
Cadiz: featuring some of Europes dream-beaches, rocky coves, country houses, mansions, flamenco taverns, castles, curvy mountain roads, snowy summits, racing circuits all offering the unique sunny Southern Spanish climate.
Almeria: home of unique desert locations featuring “ramblas” (dry river-beds), lunar landscapes, plains with straight roads and famous Western Towns offering all kinds of production facilities.
Malaga/Marbella: In between our two bases Cadiz and Almeria, Malaga has also become one of our backyards, offering many luxury villas and a great selection of modern arquitectural locations.

Andalusia is surprisingly versatile, for weather, economic and security reasons we have scouted locations for productions pretending to be Cuba, Malibu Beach California, Arizona, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and many a big modern anonymous European city.

Secure sunny weather from May to October, lots of sun during the rest of the year, very mild winters on the coast, while the peaks of Granada’s Sierra Nevada offer great snow skiing from December to April one could literally waterski one hour away on the Costa Tropical.

The countryside is lush and green from November to the end of June, then it slowly changes into yellow and dry until the end of summer. The flowers in the fields in March, April and May are unbelievable. Because of very extensive use of the land, wild plants and flowers bloom in abundance.

ShootOutside maintains an extensive informative database to give you an idea of what is possible, we always encourage to recce these locations prior to selection to assure their current state.

If you have a specific requirement for a location, we will go out and scout it for you.

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