ShootOutside Production Services S.L. offers small and large film and photo productions the necessary local production support, location scouting and fixer services in Andalusia and throughout Spain.

Our company is located in Cadiz, a region that offers some of the most beautiful virgin beaches, breathtaking roads, stunning mountain and nature panoramas. With an average of more than 320 sunny days a year, it is also one of the most weather save regions in Europe and therefore a perfect production location.

With ShootOutside’s two daylight studios for car and fashion shoots, we offer our customers additional cost-effective options that alone or together with our production services can be booked upon request. The studios are located in the Tabernas Desert in the province of Almeria, the locations where many of Sergio Leone’s famous Western films were produced as early as the 1950s. Today, the Tabernas Desert is still home to mega-productions such as Ridley Scott’s “Exodus” and countless film and photo productions of every size.

For over 20 years (under the name FotoFilmVideo until 2013) we have been offering production services with an international team of professional experts and know exactly where (location), what (permits, crew & equipment) and when (climate & dates).

Please contact us in English, German or Spanish with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you without obligation.

E-Mail: contact@shootoutside.com or phone: +34 669 912 640

Locations Spain

Film & Photo Locations in Andalusia and all of Spain
ShootOutside scouts and manages locations for filming and photography in all of Spain, specialized in Andalusia our base. We help you find the right location for your production and can provide all production or fixer services required for your upcoming project.

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Studio One – Car Platform

The “Secret One” features a platform stage of 20 x 20 meters in a secluded area well hidden away in the south of Spain.

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Studio Two – Fashion/Editorial

“The Versatile One” a Studio build up on platform stage of 10 x 15 meters, featuring a “puzzle” style design, this outdoor studio can be painted and dressed up to accommodate most clients wishes situated in the middle of location paradise “The Tabernas Desert” in the province of Almeria, Spain.

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